Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good News about Rory's Anesthesia!

Pin It A while ago my uncle had to have surgery.  After the surgery, he had some issues due to the anesthesia.  My mother informed me that these issues occurred because he is a carrier of pseudocholinesterase deficiency; or in normal people language: his body is slow to break down the anesthesia, especially drugs that are used with breathing tubes.  Pseudocholinesterase deficiency is genetic; however; neither myself or my husband have had surgeries so we didn’t know if we were carriers or not.

Rory has had 5 surgeries, and after each surgery she has had some “spasms.”  I am unsure what the medical term is for the spasms; but I have talked to other parents whose children have had the same surgeries Rory has had, and have had similar reactions.  The spasms are completely horrible; at first I thought she was having a seizure.  They are short, only lasting a minuet or so.  When these occur, Rory is awake and will uncontrollably shake, her eyes get very glossy and sometimes will roll back.  The last surgery she had we waited a few days post-op to go home.  She ended up having one of the “spasms” in the plane....It was one of the scariest times of my life.  

In order to see if Rory is a carrier we had to get blood work done.  Not sure how many kids are a fan of blood work.... it hurts and with Rory it is always a fight.  We had the blood work taken the other day.  Luckily, our neighbor that Rory knows was able to take it from her; which helped, but she still screamed and cried.  I hated having to get it done, but I had to know before her next surgery if she was a carrier or not, and if this could be why she gets such bad spasms.  

She did get to play on my phone while she was there and after she had a ring pop....It made everything a little bit better.

We got news today that she wasn’t a carrier!  

I couldn’t be happier!  My poor girl has gone through so much she doesn’t need one more thing to worry about (or maybe I don’t need another thing to worry about ;).  I hope her “spasms” are just a thing that children have when they are young and have anasthesia.  Hopefully, she will grow out of them.  I guess we will find out soon. 

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