Thursday, July 24, 2014

Its coming....Rory's 6th surgery

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It is that time again. Rory's sixth surgery is rapidly approaching. We had about a month before we have to go back down to Florida and visit Dr. Paley. 

Luckily, his procedure should be a relatively simple one… (I guess as simple as operating on your three-year-old can be....however; I don't have my hopes up too high because I know how our last luck with surgeries and surgery recovery have been). Dr. Paley will be removing all the hardware from her leg that he put in last September. He may or may not remove the screw from her hip , it depends on how her xrays look when we get down there.

We have been a little bit delayed on our limb lengthening journey. At this time, we should have had one lengthening done already.  After her super hip and super knee surgery her leg did not straighten and she had to have hardware put in her knee.  I was a little doubtful on whether the hardware would actually straighten her knee to full extension where it was post-op, but now her leg bends and straightens wonderfully and I will never doubt it again!

Im very hopeful that we will have a simple and quick procedure with Dr. Paley.  Then we will wait a few months for her to heal and then Rory will have her first lengthening procedure where she will have an external fixator put on her leg and get 8 cm of new bone.

After these next two surgeries (and her extensive time in her external fixator), we should have a few years where we do not have to have any surgeries for a while (I'm aware stuff will pop up, but hopefully just small outpatient surgical procedures). So, I am welcoming the next two surgeries so we can get that over with as quick as possible.  I know the next year ahead of us is going to be the hardest year of my life, but I also know after that we will have a few years of bliss! 

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