Monday, September 22, 2014

Rory's Surgery Update!

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I want to apologize for the delay in blog posts- we have been rather chaotic; but that is no excuse…I will try harder!  

Now, for the Rory update.  She is recovering well from her 6th surgery.   Although this surgery was a smaller procedure compared to her previous surgeries; it was one of the hardest ones we have ever had mentally.  Rory is now 4 and understanding more; she knows she has a small leg, and she knows we are working on getting both feet to fit flat on the floor, but the whole concept of surgery is difficult for a 4 year old to understand.

Simple things Rory does all the time, like x-rays, turned out to be a major obstacle to overcome.  It was also my first time to go back to the surgical suite with her.  They make you put on the “bunny suit” and once I had that suit on and they started wheeling us back Rory had an extremely difficult time.  She was literally truing to jump off the bed and it took many people to try and hold her down just to get to the surgical room.  Once we were there she refused anesthesia, and kept yelling “mommy, don’t let them hurt me.”  And yes, I'm crying right now reminiscing about it all.

Before her procedure I made sure Rory knew what was going on.  She wasn’t scared too much about the surgery, but had many melt downs leading up to the procedure where she would scream, “I don’t want mommy to leave me.”  I am extremely thankful for Servando, Dr. Paley’s PA who I informed about her fears that I wouldn’t be there when she woke up, and I got to see her a few minutes before she awoke.  

When she woke up her biggest concern was the IV in her wrist.  When she tried to leap out of the bed again she realized her leg hurt.  They allow only one parent back at a time, but once Rory was recovering well they moved us into another room where Dad and Zin could come see her.  Quickly, we learned that Zin does not like to see her sister in pain.  She cried almost as loud as Rory.  

Having my dear, sweet Zin around was difficult too.  We left Rory’s pain medicine at the hospital and Dad went back to get it.  I had Rory laying in the hotel bed crying and Zin crying wanting to get on the bed.  I put a Baby Signing Time video on the iPhone and let her sit in her pack and play while I tended to Rory.  It made me wonder how I am going to survive her lengthening!

The first day after surgery is always the hardest.  She did so well though, and began walking so much sooner than she had with her previous surgeries.  I am hoping she will use that strength and positivity with her lengthening.  

She did have issues healing…she is an oozer!  We learn a little more every time we go down there, and we have learned to stay a few days later in Florida because you never know what will happen: and we are so thankful we did.  We had to go in 2 days for bandage removal because of the discharge.  We started her on antibiotics and now she has healed beautifully.  

Next up….Lengthening.  That will consist of Zin, Rory, and myself for 4-6 months in Florida.  I am just hoping that Dr. Paley will call me and say her leg is growing and no external fixated will be needed…..

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