Friday, October 10, 2014

Staying Positive

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There is so much that goes into a lengthening: its very overwhelming.  Not only is it a major surgery on your child, but its a complete life change for your family!  Its 4 months of relocation, 2 places to live, being separated from your spouse, airline tickets (especially during the holidays, pin site cleaning, dr visits, daily physical therapy, and a great deal of financial stress.  It is very easy to just see the negative in everything….

But i have to remember the positive; Rory is overall healthy.  She has 2 legs and after 3 lengthenings, she will have 2 legs the same size for the rest of her life and we will  never have to go to Florida again…and probably never will :)

So, Im trying to think about ways to make this lengthening experience somewhat enjoyable for her.  Rory can do everything in her fixater, except run and jump so Im looking for fun things in the area.  Im scouting out playgrounds, malls, outdoor activities: anything she would like to do.  The ocean has bacteria in it so we won’t be swimming in it, and when we were there for 2 months with her super hip surgery we volunteered at the animal shelter playing with the animals, but I really don’t want to get any animal hair an slobber in her pin sites.  

One day at a time….I have to stay positive, not just for my sanity; but for Rory because she picks up on my vibe.  So we are just going to make the best of it….2 flat feet on the ground….its pretty awesome!

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