Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cat Vacation!

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Today we took out cats to be boarded while we go down to Florida.   We gathered up all of their supplies, toys, food and put our three beasts in cages. Rory has grown rather close to our youngest cat, Smudge. Smudge was never a nice cat at all, however; after Rory had her 4th surgery, we returned home and Smudgy became Rory's best friend. 

Smudge let's Rory pick her up and play with her anytime she wants; yet will run away when my husband enters a room. Rory and smudge are best friends and play every day. 

We told her we were taking the cats to live somewhere else for a while and she got sad. She "packed" a pillow, blanket, and crayons. 

Today was very hard for Rory when she had to see her Smudgy go.  She was crying and saying how she didn't want to be without her kitty.  She read her books while she was in her cage and then hug to the cage. She has already started making Smudge letters that we can send from Florida.

It has helped that we told her Smudge was having parties with other cats. So now she thinks the cats are on vacation!  

Zin will miss Emmy- that's her favorite!  And she gave Emmy sunglasses incase it was bright on her vacation!  

We are cat people!


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