Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bone growth!!!!

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We just went in for our two week check up. And good news, Rory has grown 8 mm of me bone!  The way her bone was cut in surgery it was not fully straight, which is normal, and is why we do not have a full centimeter of growth yet.

 Everything looks pretty good except the bone is solidifying awfully quick. We are going to go back in one week instead of two weeks just to double check the bone and make sure it doesn't get too hard too fast. If it does start to solidify we may have to increase her pin turns from four quarter turns a day to five or six. Although this may sound good to you some people meaning the bone will grow faster, all I can hear is difficulty and tightening of ligaments. Physical therapy is already extremely difficultand I really do not wanted to get and he harder!  Right now, I am not going to worry about anything until it happens, since there is nothing I can do about it now!  However it is always nice to know that the bone is growing!

I will try to find some spare time to work on updating everyone more frequent however both girls have me preoccupied right now!
 It is just so reassuring knowing that bone is growing!

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