Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2 months at home!

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I can't believe we have only been home from Florida for two months, it seems crazy to think the girls and I were there by ourselves for almost 9 months! But we are home and we are all doing very well.

Just wanted to give you all an update on Rory. She's doing very very well. Her leg she can bend about 90°, and about 85 by herself. Although it doesn't seem like much, for her it is a major accomplishment!  

We are going to see a new orthopedist the first of November here in St. Louis. He actually just got back from visiting Dr. Paley so hopefully he will be able to help us out with all of our needs here in St. Louis. We are scheduled to go see Dr. Paley for a follow up in December, and once he gets her evaluation from her new orthopedist we will know more on what we will do in December.

We do her physical therapy three times a day for 30 minutes at a time. She is doing so well. I push her hard but that's because I know she can do it and I will do anything to prevent us from having another surgery. 

We always celebrate small things, like going up the steps 1 foot at a time and not pausing on each step. Or how she can sit down and have both knees bend at the same time- Little accomplishments like these mean the world to us.

Currently she just has a 1 cm left on her shoe and we're hoping that is all she's going to need for a while. She loved being able to wear shoes without a lift, and I love to see her in regular shoes as well. 

We take one day at a time...making sure we smile multiple times each day!

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