Our CFD Story

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For the complete story, we have to go back to December 2009, which is when we found out we were pregnant.  At that time in our life i did everything I could to have a wonderful pregnancy : no more caffeine (that was the hardest), I talked to my doctor about my normal exercise programs, watched my sugar and protein intake, stayed away from certain cheeses, and never took any kind of medicine (even when I had the worst acid reflux of my life) it was just something I wanted to do.  Everything was great with my pregnancy and we were so excited to go to find out if it was a boy or a girl.
We were at the doctors doing the ultrasound and found out we were having a girl!  IT was so exciting, and we were both really enjoying the moment so much.  Shortly after the lady doing the ultrasound and our doctor came in, did more measuring and talking.  Honestly, we just assumed it was normal, it was the first ultrasound we had ever had so we weren’t sure what to expect.  
The ultrasound tech left and the doctor met with us shortly after telling us there was an issue with one of her legs and it being shorter than the other.  With my husbands brother having down syndrome, it was assumed that we were having a baby that could have down syndrome too.  I kept asking if maybe the tech measured it wrong because it a an ultrasounds and she was moving all around down there....how accurate could it really be.
The doctor assured me that the measurements are pretty accurate and that she recommended us going to see a perinatologist, there were not any in our area, but if we drove to Topeka there would be one there that could give us more details.  There was a few issues too, Jon was going to be out of town for a while, he had to work at the Omaha zoo and shortly after that we were moving to Virginia Beach for the military.  I was so scared and nervous about everything, and I wanted to see the perinatologist before we move, Lord knows I could not relax the whole move knowing that something could be wrong with my baby.  
I couldn’t sleep at night....I just kept wondering what was wrong!
The next day I called the perinatologist before 8am at 8am and after 8am- I must have called a few hundred times before they picked up.  They didn't have an appointment until after we moved.  I was a complete wreck, I was in tears on the phone, and asked if they could call me if there were any cancellations.  And they called and got me an appointment in the next few days- Jon would be gone, but I had to go, I couldn’t drive cross country with this on my mind.
So I went to Topeka to meet with the perinatologist- with Jon being gone I was scared to death and nervous- Luckily, my mom and my sister drove in 5 hours just to go to the appointment with me- and drove back that night- (They are the best).  When we got to the perinatologist they hooked me up to the fancy 4d ultrasound machines and looked at her for a while.  They took several pictures of her legs, organs, and anything else they could think of!
The doctor informed me that she was in no way shape or form a down syndrome baby because it was only one limb that was smaller than the other and for a downs baby all the limbs are smaller.  He said he wasn't sure what was wrong with her leg, and we would have to wait until she gets bigger to know a bit more.  I asked if there was anything I could do to help fix this, if I should start eating meat, or stop exercising, anything I could do to make things better!  He reassured me that this is just one of those strange things that happen and right now there was nothing that could change this.
It was reassuring news- I had no idea what was going on with my baby, but I knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with her organs and that was good news!  It was also nice having the support of my mom and sister there, because after we got out of the appointment I got a flat tire!  (We also ate at the worlds worst restaurant and spent some quality time at the tire shop!)
All of her ultrasound pictures were wonderful- I loved looking at her little legs.  I was so concerned about what was going on with her, however; Jon was graduating veterinary school and we had a move up ahead of us- so being busy helped me not stress as much!
We moved to Virginia Beach and I found a new ob/gyn.  They did one ultrasound on me and sent me to another perinatologist.  They gave me an ultrasound for almost an hour, they wanted to check everything- they wanted to watch her movement to make sure the leg wasn’t broken since her femur looks bowed on the ultrasound.  
Everything looked great with her except for that leg.  Again, great news- organs are all fine- but that leg...that leg....
I went in for ultrasounds every month.  The leg was measured countless times.  One doctor thought that the bone was broken and she could have brittle bone disease.  I did research on how to care for a baby with brittle bone disease.  We still had the reoccurring theme of down syndrome, and we now had people talking to us about amputations.  Jon had to leave for almost 2 months when we first moved, but always reassured me that she would be ok.  He always had a positive attitude, even when I was pessimistic!

...To be continued

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