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Pin It The surgeries (obviously) are going to be expensive so any help is welcomed!
Her shoe lifts currently aren't covered by insurance.  We have to get new shoe lifts made every 4-6 months to compensate for the discrepancy.  We can't just buy any old pair of shoes either- they have to be very sturdy shoes, because the taller the lift gets the more her ankle has the tendency to roll.  As of today we don't need an ankle brace, but we may when she gets a taller lift at 18 months.
Her first surgery will be around $300,000 and it will be a 3-4 week recovery stay in Florida.  We are fortunate enough to stay at the campus housing at the hospital which is only $36 a night.   That is the small surgery....
The big surgery is a 3-4 MONTH recovery stay in Florida.  I don't have an estimate on the bills yet, but I image it is going to be up there...
Any and all donations help- and if I find out who donated I will probably be sending you frequent thank you cards, pictures and cookies in the mail ;)

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